Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best Commercial Health Insurance Plans in the US

Health insurance is a key player in today's economy. Fierce competition is why companies have been trying to provide the best benefits for each plan. So here are some of the top-ranking companies when it comes to managed care plans in the US.

On top of the list is Harvard Pilgrim, offering health insurance plans in New Hampshire. Based on U.S.News, it was ranked as the top commercial health care provider in the US for 2008. Harvard Pilgrim gives full health service benefit to their members as well as a good quality of clinical and preventive care services. Their plans include HMO, POS and PPO type of coverage plans. Their HMO provides preventive and medical services including consultation and hospitalization, same with their POS and PPO type of plan.

Another highly-ranked company is Tuft Total Health Care. This company is ranked as the second best commercial plan company in the US today. Some of their programs include preventive health care and immunization, special programs on how to quit smoking, maternity care and women's health. They also have programs for chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and the like. Providing services from serious illnesses to common illnesses makes them one of the best providers when it comes to health plans. They provide standard network plans that are accessible and affordable while at the same time giving quality health care for an individual or a family in their community.

Another company is the Grand Valley Health Plan. They combine insurance coverage and medical services. Among the good programs offered by their company are employee wellness programs. This program includes cholesterol management, stress management program, weight control, non-diet weight management and a program on how to quit smoking.

These are just some of the best commercial health care plan companies in the United States today. These rankings are based on general standards like customer service, preventive services and other treatment services. These companies were able to meet the needs and standard for satisfaction when it comes to health service like preventive care, immunization, child care, women's health, cancer screening, mental health and chronic disease care and services. As long as these companies meet the standard health care necessities of the community in the US, people can rest assured that they are able to get the best benefits they need when it comes to insuring for their health in this time of recession.

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