Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 10 Essentials - Newborn Baby Clothing

Having a new baby is such an exciting time. There is also much to organize, prepare for, learn about, and of course buy.

Yes, there will certainly be many items you will need to purchase for your newborn. And of course shopping for newborn baby clothing is by far one of the most enjoyable and most fun.

Anticipating the arrival of your new baby is exciting enough but visualizing your little bundle of joy in the adorable little outfits you have for them makes it even more exciting!

Obviously depending on what season your baby is born in will dictate exactly what you will need here is a basic list of essential newborn baby clothing and items you will need:

1. Jumpsuits - they are so comfortable and practical, easy to change nappies
2. Singlets - in hot or cold whether
3. Booties - especially in winter
4. Mittens - sounds crazy, but newborns tend to rub their faces and sharp little nails can scratch, nails aren't meant to be trimmed as a newborn
5. Wraps - for wrapping for sleep
6. A good nappy - whether you go cloth or disposable a good nappy can make the difference between good sleep or broken sleep
7. Slings - especially if unsettled, keeps baby close, and you still have your hands free to do things
8. Sleeping bag - perfect if your baby kicks the covers off, you know they will still be warm
9. Sheepskin - for sleeping or so baby can lay on the floor at home, friends and family
10. A great baby bag - an absolute must!

Having the essentials hopefully will assist make your life as a new parent a little bit easier by starting off with the right items.

With so much available both in shops and online stores it's hard to know where to start. It's important to find newborn baby clothing stores that have a good variety with the essentials, without having overwhelming amounts of clothes and products to go through.

Sound information and advice on a range of newborn baby products and services are good to utilize also. There are sites that offer all these things; the newborn baby clothing, product and service information, free baby sample bags, baby equipment such as baby prams, furniture, d矇cor, baby bags, advice and information on breastfeeding, postnatal depression and general baby information.

Remember to take good care of yourself and have lots of fun shopping.

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