Friday, May 24, 2013

Maternity Pantyhose - A Must for Prenatal Care

Though it is irrefutable that the feelings that come with motherhood are simply way too overwhelming to put in words, it is also a bitter truth that prenatal care can prove to be a great challenge to those who aren't prepared enough. Out of the several health concerns surrounding the period of pregnancy, one of the most commonly found issue is pooling of blood in the lower limbs of the expecting mother. In such cases, blood starts accumulating in the legs of the mother, giving birth to problems such as edema, ache, sores, and the likes. However, by using maternity pantyhose during the period of pregnancy, pooling of blood can be greatly curbed.

The reason behind the pooling of blood in the legs of the individual affected is the inability of the veins to carry the oxidized blood back to the heart for reprocessing. This may happen due to many reasons with some of the most common ones being high cholesterol level and improper functioning of the heart. If the cholesterol level rises beyond a certain limit, the body becomes incapable of processing it completely. In such cases, the excessive cholesterol starts depositing on the interior walls of the veins, restricting the flow of blood, and causing pooling. In cases involving heart conditions, insufficient blood pressure is responsible for the development of this condition.

Now, when we talk about the period of pregnancy, both the aforesaid conditions may easily arise. As a matter of fact, irregular blood pressure is the most common issue associated with pregnancy. By wearing maternity pantyhose, the wearer is able to keep the veins of their legs under uniform pressure aimed at promoting the flow of blood. Since the veins are always under a certain level of pressure, they are able to offer the pressure of blood required to send oxidized blood back to the heart; this way, using maternity pantyhose curbs pooling of blood while safeguarding expecting mothers from the development of this condition.

In addition to maternity pantyhose, you can also go for compression sock to deal with the problem. Using compression socks is ideal if the problem is limited to the person's feet. Just like compression pantyhose, compression socks also provide a uniform pressure on the feet to promote the flow of blood and address pooling of blood. However, as already stated these socks are recommended only if the problem is limited to the feet; if the problem is visible over the ankles, it is recommended that you go for a compression pantyhose.

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