Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Affordable Individual Health Insurance - Is Anthem Or Humana Better For You?

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive affordable Kentucky Health Plan to provide complete individual or family coverage or a short term affordable package of basic benefits, there is an affordable Kentucky individual health insurance plan available to meet your needs. The two biggest providers of coverage in the Bluegrass are Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana also called Humana One which offers several different options.

Anthem has one of the largest provider networks in Kentucky and offers discounts to customers who stay within the network to obtain healthcare. Anthem offers three basic types of coverage with a number of options under each of those umbrella plans. There is Anthem Lumenos HSA, Anthem SmartSense, and Anthem Premier. Premier offers the highest level of benefits for a wide variety of services. Anthem says this plan is best for "families or individuals looking for richer benefits." The Premier plan offers the most benefits before the deductible of any of the other plans. It also provides richer coverage for preventive care and prescription drugs.

If the Premier plan is too expensive or doesn't make sense for your families needs, SmartSense may work better. This Anthem plan offers more affordable premiums but still covers essential medical services plus wellness visits. However, SmartSense does not cover maternity benefits or many brand name drugs. Another affordable option from Anthem is Lumenos HAS. This plan offers traditional benefits coupled with a Health Savings Account to cover expenses that are not covered by the plan. Because of the HSA feature, deductibles under the Lumenos plan start much higher and begin at $1500 per individual.

Humana also offers three basic coverage plans in Kentucky: HumanaOne Portrait, HumanaOne Monogram and HumanaOne Autograph. Monogram provides the most basic coverage at the lowest premium. This plan provides protection from unforeseen medical emergencies but includes a high deductible to keep down the cost. The HumanaOne Autograph plan gives you more options of balancing the cost of the premium and coverage. It also includes up to 6 covered in-network office visits pre year. The plan with the most complete coverage and best benefits is HumanaOne Portrait. This has the highest premiums and will mirror the insurance coverage provided by most big employers.

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