Monday, July 22, 2013

Problems Getting Pregnant? 3 Tips Guaranteed to Have You Naturally Pregnant in 60 Days Or Less

Have you been struggling through the pain and anguish associated with failing to get pregnant? Are you searching for a solution that will allow you to give birth naturally to a healthy baby?

I can totally relate to you as I suffered miserably for years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive.

My doctor had even been so bold as to tell me that I had "no chance" of getting pregnant on my own and that if I was serious about becoming a mother, I would need to undergo fertility treatments.

The idea of having painful surgeries and taking a bunch of drugs was not appealing to me. Plus the fact that our insurance wouldn't cover it didn't help either...

But there was no way that I was going to give up my dream of having a baby as I had heard stories of other women overcoming infertility with 100% homeopathic treatments.

I literally spent hours pouring over information on natural infertility cures and in my desperation, I tried just about everything...

And guess what? I discovered a secret I am just dying to share with you.

I was able to overcome infertility and I'm 100% confident you can too!

Here are the three most powerful natural infertility remedies on the planet:

1) Check your beauty products: Many cosmetics contain the chemical Paraben,
which is known to completely disturb the proper hormonal balance that is critical to conception.

You will also be able to locate Paraben in many deodorants and shaving creams. This chemical is so dangerous that the FDA considers it a potential carcinogen and some studies have already linked it to an increased risk of obtaining breast cancer.

If you are experiencing problems getting pregnant, having this chemical present in your system will literally keep you from ever having a baby.

2) Take folic acid: This vitamin is absolutely essential to pregnancy success. It has also been long known to prevent many health issues in your baby such as spina bifida.

A recent study of over 18,000 women showed that those who took folic acid had a 40% lower chance of difficulty generating eggs. Lack of egg production is the #2 cause of female infertility.

Doctors recommend that women seeking to become pregnant take 0.4 mg of folic acid daily upon stopping birth control.

3) Supplement with herbs: Herbs have been proven to help the regulation of ovulation and increase the hormones needed for conception.

Just be cautious about the amount and types of herbs you use as they can be very potent and have nasty side effects when overused or taken in combination with medications.

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