Saturday, July 27, 2013

Prevention of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy - 5 Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks

Women who have undergone childbirth usually have stretch marks. It is expected in a pregnant woman that along with nausea, morning sickness, mood swings, and other pregnancy discomforts, development of stretch marks is of great possibility. These red lines usually appear in your belly during the latter part of your pregnancy usually during the 7th or 8th months. But, do not stop there, for there is also great chance that the marks will develop in areas that tend to get larger during pregnancy, such areas are the thighs, buttocks, breasts and even arms. Try to check these areas and you will see! But, it also depends on your weight gain and genetic history and whether or not you make efforts to prevent such.

Beating the odds against stretch marks and preventing them from developing is not difficult nowadays. There are a lot of stretch mark removal products that can effectively remove them. But as scientist argue as to the prevention, it is contended that one thing is absolutely certain- that is, genetics do play a role in determining whether or not you are prompt to getting such. Meaning, you are more likely to get them yourself when your mother had stretch marks during her pregnancy. However, there are ways that you can limit the possibility of getting them. Here are some guidelines that could help you:

1. Eat a healthy and balance diet that keeps your weight gain within the recommended range. The healthy foods that you are eating are vital for the development of the baby, and it also contributes to the health and strength of your skin.

2. Massage the areas where there are stretch marks and to areas that you feel they are likely to appear because this will help increase the circulation of blood in those areas.

3. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin. It is also important to the baby and it is critical to the health of the skin.

4. Take your vitamins. Vitamins are helpful to the development of your baby and to your skin!

5. Apply moisturizer to your skin, before and after giving birth, because this serves as the supplement (or you may say "food") of your skin. There are products created out of natural vitamins and oils which will help enhance collagen production in the dermis, and will repair the damage of the extreme stretching. You can buy these products in the internet.

Remember that you must take care of yourself in the postnatal period as well because weight loss can make your skin susceptible to stretch marks again. Also, you must keep yourself strong to cope with stresses from childbirth and the duties of motherhood.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and best wishes for a healthy baby!

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