Thursday, July 25, 2013

Being Pregnant and Giving Birth at 44 - My Experience of the Pros and Cons

So you are considering having a baby at 40 plus years of age, Or you have just found out that you are expecting. In this short article I will share with you the differences of being pregnant latter in life from my experience. I had my first born son at the ripe old age of 18 years. I found apart from morning sickness for the first trimester It was a breeze. My following 2 children arrived while I was in my twenties. They were also a breeze with just morning sickness again for the first trimester. Then when I was in my thirties I conceived again to my great delight.

Now this pregnancy was different from my previous ones. I started to bleed at 6 weeks but was very lucky as I did not miscarry. Again at 12 weeks the bleeding started. Again it settled and all was well. I found that as the pregnancy developed I found that I was getting increasingly tired, But as my doctor pointed out I was caring for a large family so of course it was quite normal. So to overcome that I started on a really good tonic. It made the world of difference. After that I sailed through the pregnancy. Then again we were blessed. Only this time I was 44 years old. We was so excited when the home pregnancy kit tested positive. I was feeling on top of the world all day. Then I landed back on earth with a thud as reality set in. I was no longer a spring chicken. How was my body going to cope? How was I going to survive the late night feeds? These were just a few of the many questions that crossed my mind. I was also concerned how our older children going to take the news. Well the older children took the news great. They would tell people that I was tired of waiting for grand children so decided to have another baby. I found again in the first trimester I had morning sickness. I did start bleeding at 12 weeks but thankfully I did not lose the baby. I tried to eat the best I could. I also took my daily vitamin supplements but I found that I was very tired through out the pregnancy. I went into labour 8 days early. Doctors normally say the more children you have given birth to the quicker the labour. In this case it was not true. I was in labour for 18 hours. But it was all worth it as we had a healthy boy who now 3 years old.

Now the pros from my experience.

We were in a better financial position than we were in our teens and twenties. As a result we felt that there was no pressure. We have a lot more patience.

The cons from my experiences.

I tired out much quicker than I did when I was younger. I did not have the stamina like I did when I was younger to chase after a toddler. I was worried that I would be mistaken for Grandma. It has not happened yet.

All I can say to anyone wanting to or are having a baby latter in life. Go for it.

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