Friday, July 26, 2013

Definition of 5 Stress Reduction Terms

Stress reduction terms are not something that is easy to understand at first because they are not usually topics of conversation. However, many people do want to know what they mean. Here are some terms that you might want to know and their definitions:

1. Stress
It is one psychological aspect of a person that will affect the physical aspect of the person. There are a lot of factors that may cause stress and you may want to know what specific aspects of your like affects you.

2. Stress reduction
Stress reduction is the way that people may want to develop when they want to counter the effects of stress in their bodies.

3. Stress impacts
There are many impacts of stress in the body. The impacts of stress do not only affect the physical but also the mental state of the body. Not only that but there are a lot of things or diseases stress can go out and cause. This is why you should not underestimate the things that stress can do.

4. How to deal with stress
There are two main schools of thought when you want to deal with stress. One is to go out and eliminate the things that cause the stress and the other is to build your resistance to stress.

5. Therapy measures
Therapy measures are the ways where in a person tries to cope with stress. Some of the important examples here are art therapy or dance therapy. The focus of this practice is not to learn the craft per se but to be relaxed while doing the things like dance or art. Through these activities, stress can be relieved.

These are five terms that are pertinent to stress reduction. Through these 5 things, you can be able to go out and know about the different things about stress and stress reduction.

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