Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Doing Yoga Exercises While Pregnant Will Help Your Pregnancy (See the Benefits)

Yoga is already known through out the world, but some people still doesn't know what is allowed and what is not allowed when you are going to do yoga. One of them is, " Are Woman allowed to do Yoga when they are pregnant ? ". The answer is Yes of course. Yoga will even help you during your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

In yoga there are many poses, for pregnancy it is best yo practice Yoga Asanas. By practicing yoga asanas, it have a tremendous effect to your pregnancy. It could ensure you to have a smooth pregnancy. It also helps you to have a natural childbirth. And a lot of women after giving birth will gained a lot of weight, Yoga Asanas could also help you to reshape your body after childbirth.

I will tell you some of the benefits while doing Yoga in pregnancy,

  1. In the last month during pregnancy, usually woman will have cramping and fluid retention ( edema ) almost all the time. If you are doing Yoga, it will relieve your edema and cramping.

  2. Yoga could help you slowing the metabolism to restore your calm and focus, by Raising the level of energy.

  3. While pregnant, a lot of woman experiencing nausea, morning sickness and mood swings. Doing yoga with the combination of pranayamas ( yoga breathing ), it will help you reduce all of them.

  4. You could influencing the baby position and turning it in advance, if you want to do that. Massaging and strengthening the abdomen, will help you to stimulate your appetite and bowel action.

  5. It will also help you to relieve the tension around your cervix and birth canal. It also help you to opening your pelvis in order to make your labor quicker and easier.

  6. After giving birth, Yoga will help you to restore your abdomen, uterus and pelvic floor. And will help you to relieve the upper back tension and also breast discomfort.

These are some of the benefit in doing Yoga for your Pregnancy. It is advised to do this while having an expert guidance by taking a prenatal yoga class. And you could find some books to help you doing the practice. Some of them even have a picture to help you doing all the yoga exercises. So, for those who are pregnant, Yoga is a good exercise for you. Yoga will help you a lot during and after the pregnancy.

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