Sunday, July 21, 2013

Need a Baby Gift For a Coworker? 5 Reasons Diaper Cakes Make Perfect Corporate Baby Gifts

Have you ever been left with the responsibility of choosing the collective office baby gift for a boss, coworker, or employee?  Even though you may work with the expectant mom day in and day out this can be a difficult situation as you may not really know her tastes when it comes to new baby gifts or even what she may already have.

Of course, there is the obligatory "what should we get her" discussion with your coworkers that also needs to takes place. Often times, coworkers just don't know what the mom to be really needs and may look to simply purchase clothing or send flowers.  Many coworkers may be happy to contribute towards a new baby gift but don't want to volunteer or take the time to determine what to buy.  If that's not enough, let's not forget the gift needs to be impressive because after all it's coming from "work" and you want the new mom and her family to view the gift with excitement and not a yawn. So there you are, stuck with the task of buying a gift, but probably with not much direction. With this in mind why not consider a gift the new mom is sure to use and appreciate: a newborn diaper cake. After all, what mom with a newborn isn't going to need plenty of diapers!

Never heard of a diaper cake before? No problem, let me explain. A diaper cake is a collection of diapers arranged to resemble a traditional tiered cake that is typically 2, 3, or 4 layers tall. The diaper cake is decorated with ribbons and bows to give the cake a desired baby theme. Usually a plush toy along with new baby necessities such as shampoo, lotion, and baby powder are also included. When fully assembled you have an adorable tiered diaper cake with newborn "goodies" attached that is perfect for gift giving. Diaper cakes come in a variety of styles to match virtually any baby shower or nursery theme so there are plenty to choose from.

So why do diaper cakes make impressive corporate baby gifts? Here's 5 good reasons.

1. They are truly unique and will stand out from the traditional baby gifts the new mom is likely to receive. Granted clothing and other baby gifts are necessary, but they won't generate as much excitement for the new mom as a diaper cake. Since diaper cakes are handmade, you can bet the new mom will appreciate the personal touch it provides compared to "traditional" store bought gift items.

2. They are practical. As the gift giver, you want to feel comfortable that the gift purchased for your coworker will actually be used by the new mom. Even though the diaper cake is decorative, once the ribbons and bows are removed, the new mom will be able use all the diapers and baby care items in the daily care of her baby. Let's not forget, when a working woman has a baby she is often living on a reduced salary for a few weeks postpartum, so every little bit helps.

3. Many styles and sizes are available. Diaper cakes are available in many different styles and sizes with prices points that can meet almost any budget. Many times a group of coworkers chips in funds therefore it's easy to pick a cake that matches the money collected. This also works great for companies who want to send a gift while staying within the budget defined in their policy.

4. Makes a great table centerpiece. Often times in an office setting coworkers like to plan a little lunch hour baby shower for the expectant mom before she goes on maternity leave. A diaper cake makes an excellent centerpiece because you can quickly decorate a lunchroom just by being placed it on the table. Accent it with a tablecloth and some matching paper plates for your food or snacks and you're done. When the party is over and everyone goes back to work the new mom to be can take the diaper cake home and enjoy it as the gift from her coworkers.

5.  Shop online and ship anywhere.  In today's fast paced workplace, it's understandable that you may not have the time to run out and browse the local mall for a gift to buy.  Diaper cakes are typically purchased online so you can get together with your coworkers or on your own and pick out a selection that would work best for the expectant mom.  Since the diaper cakes are purchased online, you can have them shipped anywhere, including right to your office.  This gives you the option to present it to her at work or have it delivered to her home.

Choosing corporate baby gifts can be difficult when you have so many people with different opinions about what the best gift would be. However, diaper cakes are a choice that everyone can agree on because they are a unique baby gift, offered at multiple price points, and are functional. Every new mom will need diapers so a diaper cake is the perfect baby gift selection for a coworker.

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