Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Natural Childbirth Options For Today's Educated Woman - Two Great Choices

Women today have choices about what type of health care provider they want for maternity care. Due to the fact only 20-40% of women may experience a high-risk pregnancy, many are choosing to utilize a more natural approach rather than their obstetrician. This includes what type of caregiver they are using and the type of birthing center they want for their family.

One of the most common choices that women are making is the use of a midwife. A CNM or certified nurse midwife, has a nursing degree from a college as well as a certification in being a midwife. A CNM typically has more training then just a midwife who is not certified or licensed. A major reason for you to choose the CNM is that certification does allow for proper study and thorough testing.

Why would I choose a midwife?

A midwife is someone that will take the time to get to know you and learn about what your birthing plans are. A midwife will focus on individualizing your birthing plan and provide you with the best chance to deliver your baby naturally. Medical doctors may sometimes do this, but often times their choices are highly swayed by unnecessary medical procedure.

Another reason for choosing a midwife is that your pregnancy should be a joyous and wonderful time. The entire nine months as well as the hours, days, months and years to follow, are critical to forming a bond between mother and child. Your midwife will most likely help you with the precious minutes and hours that follow the immediate birth and allow for you to slowly develop the bond that connects you and your baby

The hour following birth is undoubtedly one of the most critical phases in the life of human beings. Remember that this is the first time your baby will have to use its lungs. Even just waiting an extra two minutes to cut the umbilical cord has been shown in studies to increase your young baby's health.

Other Choices Women Make

When it comes to choosing other health providers, more than 80 percent of pregnant women have reported that seeing a chiropractor for spinal alignment during pregnancy, significantly eased back pain. Extensive studies also show that pregnant women who utilize chiropractic during pregnancy have almost a 30 percent shorter labor time. If you are a mother giving birth, the shortened time can make a huge difference; not only reducing the pain and trauma of birth for both the mother and baby, but also significantly reducing the recovery time after giving birth.

Many people who are new to chiropractic often wonder if it is safe for pregnant woman. The answer to this question is yes. It is much safer than pain medications, and it is one hundred percent natural. The idea that chiropractic treatments are dangerous to the woman or the fetus during pregnancy is a misconception. Adjustment from a doctor of chiropractic are gentle, safe, and noninvasive. It is a relatively common practice to be seen by a chiropractor during pregnancy and thus many insurance companies cover at least part of the cost.

How about other benefits to Chiropractic?

Another great reason to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy is for what is known as a breech baby. A special technique known as the "The Webster Technique" is one of the most popular pediatric treatments and is well known for turning breech babies. It has been featured on The Learning Channel written about in Mothering magazine and Midwife Today. The technique is non-invasive, extremely gentle and used for many years. The technique is extremely successful and should be your first option if ever faced with the unfortunate complications of a breech baby.

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