Friday, August 2, 2013

Reasons Why You Can't Get Pregnant

The miracle of life truly is something special, but there are sometimes when getting pregnant naturally is a lot harder than one might expect. There are several reasons for a someone not getting pregnant. It could be some of your daily activities (or lack thereof), what you're eating, you're physical and mental state. Here are some reasons why you might not be getting pregnant.

It is suggested that if you aren't getting pregnant, you should make an appointment with the doctor so you can go through the proper tests to see if there's a bigger issue than the ones listed below.

Not Enough Sex

Sometimes in life there are things that just take precedent over another. That could be career or just focusing on daily life. If you find yourself having sex once a week, it's probably not enough to get pregnant. Take some time to making sex an enjoyable time. This shouldn't feel like a chore or a responsibility. A baby should be brought into this world with love and not as a duty or responsibility.

Not Having Sex At The Right Time

The best time to have sex is when ovulation happens. This is when the egg (ovum) is ready to meet the sperm of your spouse and get fertilized. It's best to have plenty of sex a week before and after you ovulate.

Smoking And 2nd Hand Smoke

Cigarettes are filled with tons of dangerous substances that cause cancer so it's no wonder that it doesn't help you to get pregnant. This may seem like an obvious answer, but there are some people out there who just can't kick the habit. Maybe knowing that smoking can be a deterrent to getting pregnant might help you quit.

Be aware of your surroundings and watch for the 2nd hand smoke as well. You might not be a smoker, but it doesn't help to be inhaling the smoke. Also for men, smoking lowers your sperm count.

Alcohol Consumption

Whenever you drink more than 4 drinks within a week this could reduce your chances of getting pregnant by 30%. Drinking causes you to lose your appetite and also lose your energy.

Unhealthy Eating

So much is tied into what we eat. You know how the saying goes. "You are what you eat". This doesn't mean that you should just eat nuts and berries and lose ton of weight. This just means to have a more balanced diet. Taking vitamins, minerals and some food supplements will you help with a healthy pregnancy as well.

Obesity / Too Skinny

If you happen to be overweight or obese, controlling your weight and taking it down to normal levels will significantly help increase your chances to get pregnant. The menstrual cycle is affected by obesity. Obesity can make the menstrual cycle unpredictable or irregular.

The same goes for being too skinny. A lack of a good appetite will cause a huge loss in energy which you will need for a healthy pregnancy. You're body will need lots of energy and will be going through a lot of changes physically. You need to be prepared to go through the changes. It will make the whole journey that much better if you are prepared.

Watch The Caffeine

Be careful to control how much coffee or tea you're drinking. 1 cup a day might be okay, but you should be careful not to have more than that. Studies have shown that caffeine causes infertility in women and lowers the sperm count for men. It has also been known to be the prime suspect in babies with low birth weight and also increases the chances of a miscarriage. Just be careful with the caffeine. The maximum daily recommended intake of caffeine is 200 mg while pregnant.

Exercise More

It's hard to stay in a routine of exercise even when you're not trying to get pregnant, but it's hard to deny the benefits of working out and staying in shape. You don't have to exercise, but an hour a day of simple exercising will do wonders for your energy level and will also improve on the quality of sex.

Don't Focus Too Much On Conceiving

It's human nature to be addicted to things. Everyone has their vice. For some it's gambling, cooking, working out, career and yes... getting pregnant. Focusing too much on getting pregnant is never good. You shouldn't be stressed thinking about and hoping to get pregnant. The more you think about it, the more pressure there is and the enjoyment of being pregnant is taken away.

The more you worry about not getting pregnant, the bigger addiction or obsession of wanting to get pregnant. Stress is never good for the mind or body. Obsessing over getting pregnant easily adds stress that you don't need. The unwanted stress will cause irregularities in your menstrual cycle and could also affect your ovulation process. And it could also affect the sex life you're having with your partner.

Wondering why you can't get pregnant or how to get pregnant easily sometimes can't be answered all in one shot. It could be a number of factors that will cause infertility in women and in men. While getting pregnant sometimes can be a lot harder than it seems these points should be taken note. It's also highly suggested that you go to your doctor and talk with them about your issues of not getting pregnant. After a meeting with the doctor you might be more educated on why you can't get pregnant or you might get some new ideas on ways to increase fertility so you can get eventually get pregnant.

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