Monday, July 29, 2013

Understanding Depression Symptoms

Depression can be more than just being sad. Depression Symptoms. It is a medical illness that involves the Mind and Body. It can affect the way you behave, and cause you physical and emotional problems. It can also make you feel as if living is no longer worthy. Depression usually requires long term treatment, much like high blood pressure

Some of Depression symptoms include:

* Loss of Interest
* Feeling down
* Hopeless
* Sleeping Problems
* Trouble concentrating
* Doubltful
* Unusual weight loss/gain
* Restlessness
* Easily aggrivated
* Feeling weak or with fatigue
* Thoughts of suicide
* Unusual headaches or back pains

Some other types of depression are Monopolar depression and dysthymic disorder, Bipolar disorder - which alters mood level with increased mental and physical activity, Manic disorder, which is characterized by abnormally elevated moods, or unrealistic optimism.

Depression can also start by something. For example...

Some causes of depression can be Reactive Depression, Endogenous Depression, from a physical disease, an Unsound lifestyle, Postnatal depression, and Seasonal affective disorder. You can get more information related to this at []

Some natural treatments for depression can range from slowing down a stressful life of too many activities, getting good nutrition and plenty of rest, physical exercise and meditation. Some supplements of vitamins and antioxidants and aminoacids can be helpful too.

Some stimulants like coffee and teas may help against depressive feelings, as long as they are taken in moderate amounts. If you are a heavy user of these stimulants, you should cut down on your consumption.

There's also nutritional products marketed to help against depressive symptoms. They contain ingredients that the brain uses as building blocks for neurotransmitters. They also contain vitamins and minerals that the brain uses as tools to produce neurotransmitters, especially with vitamin B6

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