Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pregnancy Constipation - How To Get Rid Of It?

The entire journey of pregnancy until you deliver the baby consists of the surfacing of several symptoms nausea; pregnancy constipation is one of those. Usually constipation refers to irregular bowel movements. This tends to linger through the early stages of pregnancy to the post delivery phase.

What Causes A Painful Constipation During And After Pregnancy?

The causes of constipation before and after delivery are different. Post delivery, the episiotomy or the torn rectal issue that was repaired after delivery, may lead one to experience an agonizing constipation. Women, who have undergone a caesarian delivery, may find themselves afflicted by ileus or the condition in which the bowel movements are deferred for a short period. Pregnancy constipation symptoms are caused by other factors too. Following are the reasons that cause pregnant women to complain about unnerving constipation -

  • Changed diet habit

  • Side effects of medicines

  • Increased stress level

  • Low intake of fluid

  • High consumption of dehydrated fluids like caffeine enriched tea, coffee, and alcohol

  • Insufficient amount of sleep

  • Some diseases induce constipation like Parkinson's disease, stroke, diabetes, uremia, scleroderma and diseases of GI tract et all.
  • For relief from pregnancy constipation, consult with your physician. Besides, the medical experts' advice, you can try some measures of your own to stabilize your bowel movement.

    Tips To Cure Pregnancy Constipation

    To remove pregnancy constipation symptom, take special care and follow tips provided for you in this article. Among all the remedies for constipation problems, exercise has been seen to be a constipation reliever. Avoid heavy exercises, instead expectant mothers could be advised to go for a walk. A light or moderate practice of walking can be effective in the reduction of pregnancy constipation and will lessen the bloating for pregnant women.

    The second solution will be adequate consumption of fluids including water as constipation hardly takes place in the presence of sufficient hydration in the body. Some calcium and vitamin supplements, especially composed for pregnant women can be taken to obtain relief from pregnancy constipation. Some women also seek relief through stool softeners. Though these stool softeners are useful to bring relief within a short time, it is not recommended that you make a habit of use of it. You may also use homemade or natural remedies that include lower risks of side effects. You can take homemade remedies during the interval of consuming foods and drinks. Beat constipation with the help of a sensible diet and exercise program.

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