Thursday, August 1, 2013

Want Help Getting Pregnant? Acupuncture and Herbs Helped Me Overcome Infertility!

My journey with infertility began like many women I've met through the years.

For my husband and me, we just thought that our difficulties getting pregnant was something that would "go away" on its own. So we kept trying to conceive, and as the months went by, nothing was happening. After about 10 months without result, I started to panic.

When I talked to my OB/GYN doctor about my concerns, she agreed we should both be tested to see if our problems had to do with either my husband's low-sperm count (potentially), or maybe my ovulation schedule.

We did some testing, determining that both of us were functioning normally--which pretty much was depressing!

Something was wrong, it seemed to me, and to be told that nothing was wrong got us pretty frustrated.

Well, like a lot of women I know, I kept turning up the intensity of the procedures my doctor could offer. I had tests to see that my tubes weren't blocked, we moved to IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) with hormonal shots to start, stop and force my ovulation and menstrual cycle. And at some point, as the months of unsuccessful attempts added up, I started feeling like a guinea pig.

Plus, my hormones were out-of-whack and I was just feeling terrible. Depressed one day, crabby the next. It was getting rough, and stressful (both emotionally and financially).

So, one day I was talking to another girlfriend of mine, and she told me about acupuncture, and said it helped her get pregnant.

Since our next option was going to be to try IVF (which is very expensive!) my husband and I agreed to try acupuncture for a while, just to give it a try and see if something new wouldn't be better than what we'd been trying.

Through a clinic near me, Acupuncture & Natural Health in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, I started working with a Licensed Acupuncturist by the name of John Miley (L.Ac.). who specializes in infertility and fertility issues, as well as women's health imbalances.

To make a long story short, Mr. Miley started me out with a program designed to restore my body's natural ability to conceive. In his way of looking at things, which is the Traditional Chinese Medicine way of looking at the body, I had various imbalances in my system that were blocking my ability to conceive.

He had me start on a nutritional program, mind-body relaxation techniques that I could practice each night at home, and scheduled me for acupuncture one to two times per week.

I can't even tell you how much better this program made me feel!

First of all, John listened to what was going on, and had been going on in my life since we started trying to conceive. We talked about my stress levels, my diet, my pattern of "stuffing" my emotions, and the overall depression that I'd been feeling since we realized we were not conceiving a child as "planned".

Within a few weeks, I noticed I felt more emotionally balanced. I was actually feeling "calm" for the first time in over a year! And my body started to change--no more menstrual headaches, and I was ovulating on time, which was huge for me.

And then it happened...five months after I started working with Mr. Miley's infertility program, we conceived. Just out of the blue, it "happened". And I remember one time talking to John and he said, "Our main objective is to get your mind-body balance back where it needs to be, so your entire body can work as one unit, to conceive. When we get to that point, you'll be much more likely to conceive" ( --he said something close to that, anyway).

Sure enough, it was true for us.

Looking back, I am grateful for the testing we did with our OB/GYN because it told us that things were working. However, I am even more grateful that I explored an alternative approach to infertility and found someone who specialized in natural alternatives to conventional infertility treatments like IVF.

I'd encourage any couple to investigate this type of fertility support program if they're having trouble getting pregnant. It is cost effective and can be life-changing. Just make sure the person you are seeing is a licensed acupuncturist, with Nationally recognized training in acupuncture and natural medicine (look for the initials L.Ac. behind that person's name).

And if you live near St. Cloud MN, be sure to check out John Miley's site! He also has programs that he develops for people who don't live close to him. I'm sure he could help you out. He' been very good to us.

Good luck finding your path to pregnancy. Keep the faith. You'll get your answers.

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