Saturday, August 3, 2013

Help For Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

A lot of women are forced to deal with agonizing back pain in early pregnancy. And it usually happens even before they start gaining extra weight.

It makes sense this would happen once the mother starts gaining weight. But why does this happen before the size of the baby starts affecting the lower back? This is usually caused by the hormones that start preparing the spine for the changes that occur during pregnancy.

Don't be worried about gaining weight when you are pregnant. Added weight is normal, to account for both for the baby and your supporting the baby. But since most of this extra weight is in your midsection, it puts added stress on your back. You certainly don't want to avoid gaining any weight, as this may be dangerous for the baby. But there are ways to help reduce the stress on your lower back.

So, when changing position on bed, lying down, climbing the staircase or sitting on a chair, be careful! Move slowly. Get your entire body into a good position before moving. Otherwise you may may feel a sharp pain on one side that is often felt in the buttocks or hips. There are even moments when the ache just immediately vanishes but only for awhile and suddenly comes back when you do not even expect it!

Prevention is definitely the key to avoiding major back problems during pregnancy. Here are 5 tips to help you minimize the stress of carrying your baby:

- don't stay in the same position for too long
- go for short walks several times a day
- make sure to squat down when lifting anything (this is good advice even when you're not pregnant)
- use meditation or yoga to relax
- visit a chiropractor or massage therapist (it's a good idea to start before you get pregnant)

And try to avoid gaining any extra weight - a certain amount of weight gain is healthy for the baby. But too much is bad for your back!

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