Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tips And Tricks To Help You Get Pregnant

It seems that many women are trying to get pregnant and finding it isn't as easy as they thought. It takes more than having a lot of sex to conceive, despite beliefs otherwise. The truth to the matter is that each healthy couple really only has a 20 to 25% chance of falling pregnant each ovulation period. However, some tips and tricks may help improve your chances.

Anything that is going to make it harder for the sperm to reach the egg is something that decreases your chances. When trying to make a baby, leave the lubricants, oils, and other similar products out of the lovemaking. Even saliva may slow saliva down, so hold off on oral sex. Although some products do not contain spermicide, they may have something else in them that could affect or harm sperm.

Take your vitamins and herbs. Certain herbs can help a woman who has problems with her ovulation cycle by regulating it. In addition, some can improve sperm count and quality. A healthy body is a body ready for pregnancy, so eliminate all the unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking to give your body the best chance possible to conceive.

Stay out of the hot tub if you want to have baby making sex. Spicing up the lovemaking is a good thing, but doing it in hot water is not. That can decrease the production of the sperm and slow it down. Plus you have to think about all the water you are in; you want the sperm swimming in the uterus not the hot tub.

Choose your sexual positions wisely. While you avoid sex in the hot tub, also avoid sex in the shower. The reason behind this is simple gravity. You are standing, so sperm doesn't even have a chance to get to the egg before gravity pulls it out. The same can go for woman-on-top sex and sitting sex. Choose positions that increase your chances like doggy-style, side-to-side, and missionary.

After the sperm has been released, the man needs to keep his penis inside for as long as possible, and as deep as possible. The woman must also continue to lie on her back for five minutes or so. Both of these actions keep sperm from leaking out, increasing the chances of conception. For an added boost, the woman can lift her pelvis, keeping it elevated to help sperm stay in.

Timing is everything. You can eat all the right foods, use all the right positions, and tilt the pelvis for hours, but none of it matters if you are not having sex on the right days. The woman's cycle must be determined to find out which are her fertile days. Once that is determined, then sex needs to begin two or three days before ovulation and continue right up until the period arrives. This makes sure that there is always sperm inside waiting and ready for the egg.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to get pregnant, but sometimes you do need to increase your odds with a few tips and tricks. Using a combination of the tips mentions, like a healthy diet, the right sexual positions, and timing can help improve your odds of conceiving. It is important to remember that while you do things to increase your chances, you avoid those things that don't.

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