Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Discover Some of the Worst Foods for Weight Loss

If it's time for you to start losing weight, you have to know what foods you should be eating. More importantly, you must be aware of the worst possible choices for your diet. Otherwise, you will only be harming yourself. As long as you are enjoying these foods on a regular basis, gaining a flat belly will be nearly impossible. In order to get skinny, you really should know how to avoid the worst foods for weight loss.

For starters, you should always try to pass up refined grains, like pasta, crackers, cereal and bread. To get refined grains, bran and germ is removed in the milling process. In other words, all of the fiber, vitamin B and iron are taken out. The manufacturers then add iron and vitamins to the refined grains after they have been processed for into white bread, white rice and other popular selections for the grocery store. Rather than refined grains, you should be consuming nutritious whole grain food selections, like rolled oats, popcorn and whole-wheat flour.

A much more surprising food than refined grains for weight loss may be frozen yogurt. Sure, there are high levels of calcium. Yogurt also contains fewer calories than ice cream, but it's very rich in carbohydrates. Low-carb diets produce much quicker results than high-carb programs. Meanwhile, yogurt is low in important fat-fighting proteins, vitamins and minerals. In fact, more than half of the fat found in yogurt stems from heart disease-causing saturated fat. There's is also plenty of sugar to induce a high insulin response in your blood. As a direct result, your body will stop burning fat, and start storing fat cells all over your body. The disadvantages of frozen yogurt are not worth the potential for weight loss.

Many men and women enjoy kicking back with an ice cold beer. And in today's market, you can find a handful of low-carb brew choices. Sure, the beverages are lower in calories, but all alcohol encourages fattening cortisol in your system. If you simply must have your beer, always keep it in the fridge. Pour it into a mug before enjoying it too. This way you can let the foam settle before it goes down your throat. If you simply don't care for the taste of low-carb beer, you can always add a little lemon juice to your brew.

Dried fruit can be considered one of the most harmful foods for weight loss as well. After all, it contains much more sugar than any normal piece of fruit. Too much can easily be consumed, causing you to put on plenty of belly fat. At the same time, your blood sugar to go through the roof. In response, your body will make too much insulin. Checking the ingredients to confirm that no fattening sugar has been added to your dried fruit is advised. Doctors usually suggest eating no more than a half cup of dried fruit, four times throughout the day to get the most weight loss benefits. After all, portion control is vital when it comes to eating dried fruit to lose belly fat.

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