Sunday, August 11, 2013

Getting Pregnant Help From an Ex-Infertility Sufferer

Sadly, not all women get pregnant easily. But the good news is that certain causes of infertility can be reversed. I am an ex-infertility sufferer who tried to get pregnant for 6 years but to no avail. I tried getting pregnancy help from different doctors and people.

Before going to have an in-vitro fertilization, I was able to hook up with another ex-infertility sufferer who got pregnant after 7 years of trying. And I must say that getting pregnancy help from her taught me a lot. I was able to conceive a few months after talking to her and applying the tips that she gave me. Now, I would love to share these tips with you.

For women aged between 35 to 43, more often than not, kidney problems are causing the infertility. I had my kidney checked and my doctor prescribed supplements to make sure that my kidneys were in tip-top shape.

Weight problems can also hinder you from getting pregnant. If you are underweight or overweight, you have to work on achieving your ideal weight. Obesity leads to excessive fat deposition which can cause ovulation problems. Being underweight, on the other hand, causes amenorrhea. You must learn how to maintain your ideal body weight through proper diet and exercise.

While I was getting pregnancy help, the ex-infertility sufferer also told me about the importance of stress management. Stress results in imbalanced hormones which causes infertility. Aside from that, stress also causes passion to decrease. If you are stressed out, your hormone levels will be in disarray. And you will not be making love as often as possible because you are stressed. For stress management, you can try different methods like yoga, meditation exercises, acupuncture, exercise, and others.

After intercourse, do not go to the bathroom right away. When you stand up, semen will leak. This is not good because there will be decreased amount of semen in your cervix. Also, you must remember that some sexual positions increase your chances of getting pregnant because the semen is deposited near your cervix. These positions are spooning, woman on hands and knees, and missionary position. Avoid other positions if you want to conceive.

Like my OB-GYN said, certain lifestyles also decrease the chances of getting pregnant help. We also discussed this when I was getting pregnant help. Smoking and alcohol consumption hinders conception. A life without exercise is also unhealthy. A well-balanced diet is also very important. Green leafy vegetables and fruits must always be eaten. Foods high in trans fats must be avoided. Soy products must also be avoided while intake of milk and milk products must be increased.

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