Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Lose Weight Naturally to Help You Get Pregnant

If you are a woman, overweight and finding it difficult to get pregnant, you must lose at least 66 pounds to aid your getting pregnant. You can achieve this quickly and naturally without taking diet pills or drugs. This article will address how to lose weight naturally to help you get pregnant.

If you weigh over 220 pounds and you are a woman, this is frightening. It will not only inhibit pregnancy, but it is also very dangerous for your health.

You must eat healthy foods to lose weight naturally. This will give your body the needed nutrients to help you get pregnant. The following foods will help you burn off the excess body fats. Almonds, grapefruit, raw banana, cold potato, navy beans, pears, oatmeal, lentils, cold pasta, dark chocolates, wholegrain bread, apples, avocados, olives, nuts and seeds.

Get a handful of almonds and eat as much as you can every day, with a healthy diet. This will help you to lose weight naturally. You should always have almonds handy and snack with it.

You should eat half a grapefruit before every meal. Grapefruit helps regulate insulin and thus will help you to lose weight and aid your getting pregnant. Grapefruit alone can help you lose over one pound a week, even if your diet remains the same. But, if you are on blood pressure medication, grapefruit may cancel the effect of your medication.

Learn to drink about 16 - 24 ounces of water before every meal. Drinking plenty of water will make your body to release the water in your muscles, and you will start experiencing weight loss.

Try to increase your physical activity. You can start an intensive exercise you enjoy doing. Exercise that makes your heart pump more blood. Make sure you devote at least 45 - 60 minutes 6 days a week in doing the exercise. This will help you to burn some calories.

You can work on your metabolism by doing a detox to flush out accumulated toxins from your body. There are foods like cayenne pepper, fish, fruits, vegetables, cinnamon, whole grains, etc all help to speed up your metabolism. Ensure you eat a healthy breakfast every day. Do not eat any heavy food before you sleep.

Ensure your body is not deficient of the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Eat healthily and exercise regularly. Once you can stick to these, you will lose weight naturally and get pregnant.

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