Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why Can't I Get Pregnant? - Tips on Getting Pregnant

The most important tip anyone can give you about getting pregnant is when you should have sex. Many women ask them selves why can't I get pregnant. Today many women think they will get pregnant the first month they go off the pill, unfortunately this is just not the case. For many women it takes over a year to get pregnant.

To get pregnant you need to make sure you are having sex at the peak of your ovulation cycle. Having sex around your ovulation cycle will greatly increase the chances of getting pregnant.

There are several methods that you can use to determine your ovulation cycle. The best method for determining the peak time to conceive a child is an ovulation kit. An ovulation kit helps you chart your body's temperature, charting the exact time of peak fertility is the key to getting pregnant.

Many women also use an ovulation calendar that charts the days since their last period. The normal cycle for a women is 28 days, 14 days is the peak of the ovulation cycle for most women.

Many couples believe the key to getting pregnant is to have intercourse all the time. This is really a bad idea. When a man has sex all the time he reduces his sperm count and will actually have a lower the chance of fertilizing the women's egg. When trying to get pregnant it is good idea to have sex three times a week during the women peak ovulation cycle.

It is not a good idea for the man to save up his sperm just for the one shot of fertilizing the female. Over time sperm that is not used can become lethargic and slow. It is best to have sex two to three times a week to keep the sperm fresh and give the sperm the best chance to reach the women's egg.

The best chance to get pregnant is to have sex a couple days before, during and after the women's peak ovulation cycle. Spacing out the times you have sex will give the women best chance to get pregnant.

Most couples really don't understand ovulation cycles and the timing involved in conceiving a child. For a non scientific method you may want to try having sex every other day for a month. This will keep the sperm count high and increase the odds of getting pregnant and having the baby you have always dreamed of.

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