Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Medical Emergency in Tripoli, Libya? This Is Where to Go

With a Mediterranean climate marked by dry summers, cool winters and modest rainfall Tripoli, Libya is a desirable destination for travelers. Those travelling for pleasure may be attracted by the historical significance of the city, while those travelling for businesses would most likely be drawn by the business bustle surrounding the port of Tripoli.

The Tripoli Clinic at Airport High Way Road, near Briqa Oil Company is a modern clinic that offers treatment for both general and complicated medical problems. You can visit the hospital with any health related issue and expect prompt and reliable services. The doctors at the hospital are equipped to deal with all kind of surgical problems. Additional facilities include latest diagnostic facilities, four operating theatres, X-ray departments, intensive care units and physiotherapy facilities. The clinic provides road and air ambulances for any kind of medical emergency 24/7.

Tripoli Medical Centre (TMC) is a public hospital that offers high level service at affordable prices. The large size of the hospital and a big team of doctors allow it to serve a large clientele. This health giant aims to bring the best doctors and medical intelligence to the country. The hospital specializes in orthopedic and cancer related problems. Additionally, it offers acute care, emergency care, general medicine services and maternity care.

Saint James Hospital at Tripoli is a member of a larger hospital with units in Malta and Hungary. This hospital is dedicated to providing high level, reliable medical care. The hospital offers emergency services, and is equipped with dedicated surgical theatres, a round the clock in patients' facility, state-of-art laboratory facilities, a radiology clinic and a team of doctors for a wide range of specialties. They also have resident expatriate medical officers who take care of the needs of foreign nationals. The hospital address is Wesayet El Bderi, Noufleen, Tripoli, Libya.

The Libyan British Medical Center (LBMC) is offers both expert medical advice and the latest diagnostic facilities. They have regular visiting doctors from the U.K. and facilities such as a fully equipped laboratory, radiology unit and dental services apart other medical services.

The Brothers Clinic is a leading inpatient facility with highly qualified doctors who have graduated from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Germany. The clinic is hygienic and comfortable and provides service to a large number of embassies, oil companies and banks. They comply with the International Standard for quality management systems according to ISO 9001:2000. The hospital provides many medical services and offers 24 hours emergency services

Al-Afia Clinic is a medical care facility offering a wide range of treatments and services at par with international standards. The staff is fluent in Arabic and English making communication unproblematic. Patients are often referred from other hospitals to this clinic due to its modern infrastructure and competent staff. The address for the clinic is Gasser Benghashir, Tripoli, Libya

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