Friday, August 16, 2013

How Phototherapy Units Can Save Life Of A Neonate?

It is estimated that most of neonate birth are affected by a disease of one kind or another. These diseases can arise due to various reasons, some of them being: premature birth, lack of lactation, jaundice and other major diseases.

Today, about 80% of the pre-term and 50% of term babies get affected by Neonatal Jaundice as there are numerous bloods cells present in the body that forms huge amount of bilirubin. Babies born before 37 weeks, weight less than 2500 gms, blood type compatible with mothers are some of the other reasons to get affected by the disease. Some years ago, the major problem was the Polio, which is now decreased to some level by giving proper medications.

However, the main reason that causes neonatal death is improper neonatal care. That's why the born babies are kept in hospital at least 2 days, which mean 48 hours, in neonatal care center.

Neonatal Death Rates:

All over the world, major changes are taking place in both maternal and neonatal. The results prove that about 4 million babies die during the first 4 weeks of life and 3 million deaths in the early neonatal period.

The risk of death is 6 times greater in developing countries compared to the developed countries. And this is primarily because the developing countries do not have proper awareness about the neonatal care.

Steps taken for Neonatal Care:

Compared to the elders or grown children, neonatal require more care. They tend to catch up any disease easily, esp. during the early months.

Organizations all over world including WHO are more concerned about the neonatal care today. They give recommendations to the medical institutions about the maternal and neonatal care. The training is given to improve the health and survival of both the mother and their babies. In fact, the medical staff working in every hospital is given special training to take care of neonates.

Neonatal Care Equipments:

Special neonatal care equipments are arranged in every hospital. Some of the equipments include maternal care, neonatal phototherapy, open care infant warmer, infant radiant warmer and more.

The most important equipment used for neonatal care is the phototherapy unit. The phototherapy unit includes Neonatal phototherapy unit, neonatal phototherapy unit (blue) and LED phototherapy.

How Phototherapy Unit can help?

Phototherapy is considered to be one of the best treatments for curing infants jaundice.

Phototherapy units are generally used for PUVA therapy. The phototherapy unit is used in the treatment of various skin conditions using ultraviolet lights.

The neonatal phototherapy units are well designed that provide neonatal hyper-bilirubinaemiacare. Some of the features include blue light, compact design, easy to operate, separate white lamps, specially designed heat vents, phoenix infant bassinet, noise-free operation and low energy consumption.

The LED phototherapy system is designed based on the fiber-optic based technology that is used for the treatment of indirect hyperbilirubinemia in newborns. One such phototherapy unit that features increased surfaced area, high spectral radiance and LED light is Phototherapy Units by Medicaid, India.

The Medicaid Photo-therapy Units, LED NEO BILI-300 and CFL PT-22 are simple, energy efficient and easy to use. Their LED light based phototherapy unit is very useful in the treatment of newborn jaundice. With a compact design, high performance and energy efficient phototherapy unit, these models have the arrangement of LED lights to allow illumination of the whole surface area and noise free operation.

Phototherapy Units are essentials for any medical facility. If the proper Neonatal Care is done, lots of neonatal death can be avoided every year worldwide.

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