Friday, February 8, 2013

Affordable IVF Treatments - Courtesy of Supplemental Insurance

If your health insurance plan does not cover in vitro fertilization use a two step approach to make your IVF treatments more affordable. First, find an IVF clinic that will provide a refund program. If you qualify medically for the refund, apply for supplemental insurance coverage. You will cover yourself in three ways: rebates if you fail to conceive, a triple return for your normal delivery, and extra protection just in case.

Many couples undergoing in vitro fertilization find that their health insurance plan will not provide coverage. If you find yourself in this situation you may be looking at $10,000 or more in out-of-pocket costs. Plus there is the possible cost of the pregnancy, lost income during maternity leave, along with the extra mouth to feed and clothe. Make your in vitro fertilization treatments more affordable by following this two step approach.

Your first step is to find a fertility clinic that will provide you with a refund or rebate programs. The clinic will reimburse some or all of your costs if you fail to conceive or deliver. You must qualify medically for one of these programs in order to participate. In other words the clinic will agree to refund your money if, based on their experience and data, you will have a successful outcome. This step does two things: it allows you to move forward without having to "waste money" on unsuccessful treatments, and it confirms that you are likely to conceive.

Knowing that you are likely to conceive, buy supplemental insurance before starting your next IVF cycle. Supplemental insurance pays cash benefits directly to you for your normal labor and delivery. Your benefit for normal delivery may be three times what you pay in premium if coverage starts three months before conception. For example, $200 per month in premium may yield a $7,800 benefit for a c-section delivery.

But that's not all you may see in benefit. Supplemental insurance may pay additional benefits if you experience pregnancy complications, premature birth from IVF multiples, postpartum disorders, accidents, or an illness.

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