Saturday, February 9, 2013

How the Clear Blue Ovulation Monitor Will Help You Get Pregnant Quickly

How long have you tried to get pregnant without success? Many women who wish to get pregnant usually rely on the Clear Blue ovulation monitor to tell them when their most fertile days are coming up. The Clear Blue ovulation monitor, which works like a pregnancy test in some ways, does more than just test your hormone level. Once you urinate on the stick, the Clear blue ovulation monitor will tell you how fertile you are now and give you an indication of how soon you will be fertile.

For women who are desperate to get pregnant, getting an ovulation monitor can be their best course of action. Having such a device will take all the guesswork out of determining during which days of the month you should try to get pregnant. Of course, it's possible to get pregnant any time of the month, but we're obviously much more prone to getting pregnant during those elusive days right smack dab in the middle of the cycle.

The Clear Blue fertility monitor also lets you know when your period is coming up. This is especially helpful if you ordinarily have an irregular period. It's a real bummer when your period shows up when you least expect it. No more will you get "surprised" by your period - you now know when it's coming up!

As all women know, we're least fertile during our periods, so you know you can avoid the time right before your period for getting pregnant. But not all women know when it's going to occur, so the Clear Blue ovulation monitor comes in very handy here. Even if you don't know when you're period is arriving, the monitor will tell you how soon it's coming so you can prepare for your monthly flow and get busy soon thereafter.

I know when I was trying to get pregnant, I kept having trouble keeping track of my most fertile days. I tried using plain old pen and paper and manually counting the days toward my 12-14 days of my cycle. But guess what? That wasn't enough. It turns out, I'm more fertile on days 16-18, which made all the difference between getting pregnant and remaining childless.

Best of all, the Clear Blue ovulation monitor gets to know your body better the more you use it. That means, if you use it for a straight month, it will give you a more and more accurate reading each time you use it the second month.

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