Saturday, February 9, 2013

Marriage in Trouble? 2 Tips to Deal With a Depressed Wife

Is your marriage in trouble but you don't know where to start to fix it up? Well maybe the woman you love is battling depression? If so, you may be discouraged and want to give up. But hang in there! Depression can be devastating but it is something that can be treated. Don't leave her battling it alone. She needs your support as much with this as if she had a physical ailment.

Here are 2 tips for men whose wives are dealing with depression.

1. Help her find the cause.

Understanding what caused the depression may be the answer to getting over it. If she recently had a baby she may be suffering from Postpartum Depression. This is a common occurrence that can range from mild to severe. She may feel like she is not a good mother or she is simply struggling to take care of the newborn. Encourage and help her to get through this by guiding her to seek counseling. Postpartum Depression can be very serious if left untreated.

Premenstrual Depression is another type of psychological problem women can go through. You can tell if this is a problem because there will be a cycle. It will happen regularly a week or two before her period. The nice thing about this type of problem is you know that if you can deal with it calmly it will disappear. Exercise and healthy eating can help her control this type of depression. If it gets severe there is medication that can help, usually in the form of progesterone. If you find your marriage in trouble because of this, be extra patient during this time frame. She can't help herself and feels bad too.

Lastly there is regular depression. Usually this is triggered by something in her life that caused a good deal of stress such as a death in the family, losing a job, or moving away from friends. She needs to seek help and you may have to help her to that. It may seem impossible but it is crucial.

2. Get Her to Seek Help

This is surely easier said than done. However here are three steps you take that can encourage your wife to get the help she needs. It will save a marriage in trouble and possibly it will also help your wife's outlook on life in general.

Only state what is factual and what anyone can see. Don't resort to labels. Don't tell her she is inconsiderate. Simply state that you noticed she hasn't been able to get dinner fixed lately.

Make sure she understands what you mean. Then state - "I don't think you are lazy I just want to understand what is wrong."

Now you can try and encourage her to get help. Now is the time to say, "Let's get help together."

The person you married was most likely not depressed when you married them but things change. If your marriage is in trouble make sure you rule out depression as a cause. And if it is the cause understand you can overcome the problems.

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