Monday, February 4, 2013

Natural Remedies For a Baby Cough That Let You Both Get Back to Sleep

It's natural for babies to cough. They don't have an immune system, so they need to get in some practice, to develop a healthy one. But you may not want to see the cough develop into anything nasty. And maybe you don't want to use harmful and suppression medical drugs, either. Here are some natural remedies for a baby cough, that will let you both get back to sleep.

  1. Breast feeding mothers need to ensure they have a natural and healthy diet. The baby's diet, when weaning, should also be healthy and natural. This can't be over stated. A healthy and natural diet is the most important aspect of anyone's health, especially that of a growing infant.

  2. Provide lots of natural mental stimulation. This is best found in nature, in walks in the park, watching wildlife at the local pond, walking on the beach and so on. This is far more beneficial to the developing brain of a baby, than allowing them exposure to the television, or even educational toys. By watching the natural world, they will easily tap into their source, creating balance and harmony.

  3. Allow the cough, or other ailments, time to heal themselves. Learn what the danger signs are and if these are not in evidence, you can safely watch and wait. Obvious danger signs are a lack of appetite, sleep and natural energy. Just remember that babies can succumb to problems more quickly than adults, so the watching part is important.

  4. Learn to trust your intuition, rather then the 'experts', who may have a hidden agenda. Experts tend to lump everyone into the same box. Not everyone fits. Everyone is an individual with personal needs. Your baby is no different.

  5. Homeopathic treatment is invaluable for both your baby's growing needs and your sanity. It works by supporting your baby's best efforts at learning how to treat disease. It supports the development of a healthy immune system, without compromise. Professional help is the best way to go to get you started. But learning to use some of the common medicines at home can literally be a life saver. Using both covers pretty much every eventuality.

Not only is homeopathic treatment effective, it is also elegant, energetic and economical. Your baby will never resist treatment, so long as the most appropriate medicine has been chosen. Babies have a strong instinct and they will let you know if what you are doing for them is in their best interests. Don't think you know best. Learn to appreciate that, in fact, they know best.

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