Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Medical Aid If You Are Pregnant

Clearly, it is preferable to choose a medical aid scheme before you actually fall pregnant, since pregnancy usually requires quite a lot of medical intervention. There may be scans and consultations, as well as the birth itself. Medical aid is designed to cover the cost of your future medical treatment, so that you have to make monthly contributions into your medical aid scheme to be able to access the benefits. Once you're pregnant, the chances are you will be financially penalized, as these companies won't want to have to pay for your medical care and be left out of pocket themselves.

Indeed, not only could be penalized when it comes to the quotes you receive; the chances are you will have fewer medical aid companies to choose from, since there will be many that are unprepared to take on a pregnant client. If you do find a medical scheme willing to take you on, you will most probably be charged a late-joining fee, which means that your decision to avoid getting medical aid earlier on could cost you significantly more. As a pregnant woman, you will obviously have to choose a hospital plan, which may not be the cheapest option either.

Consequently, if you intend to get medical insurance when you're pregnant, you have to be prepared to pay extra for it. There is no question that you will have to visit your doctor and go to hospital quite soon, which means you won't have as long to contribute to your plan. Thus, each month you will be charged substantially more than if you had chosen a plan before getting pregnant. Once you're pregnant, however, it is too late to regret the fact you didn't look into your healthcare options sooner.

The medical care required during pregnancy and child birth is quite extensive and all the associated costs are large. You obviously don't want to be left paying for these costs straight out of your bank account if you can help it, since you will find yourself paying thousands and thousands of dollars. Just consider how much machinery is used during your pregnancy - from heart-rate monitors to ultrasounds. Plus, there is the potential for something to go wrong, such as a premature birth, which will also require the use of expensive equipment and well-trained staff. Overall, then, pregnancy isn't cheap.

If you don't want to resort to state hospital care, however, you have to be prepared to pay for your medical care. As a pregnant woman it becomes more difficult to find a scheme willing to take you on, but if you look around you may discover something that will help to cover the many costs associated with pregnancy. What is important to recognize is that decent health care doesn't come cheaply, which is why you need to plan ahead. Not only do you have to consider the healthcare costs associated with the pregnancy itself; you also need to find a medical aid plan which will offer you and your offspring enough coverage.

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