Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grants For Pregnant Teenagers

Pregnant teenagers are a matter of great concern for the teen herself, her family and the community at large. The teen will need to shoulder the responsibilities of an unplanned baby without an income through a job, or a skill to do a job. A baby can be a setback to future plans of the teenager. The government and other organizations have recognized the problems of teenage mothers and the need for the baby to have stability and grants are provided to help teenage mothers to overcome obstacles in the life.

The TOPS program is a scholarship program for teenage mothers. This program prevents teenage mothers from dropping out from school. The major part of the funding helps teenagers to pay for books and the rest is to help teenagers manage the expenses for their livelihood and for the baby. Funds are provided to establish shelters and homes for teenage mothers. Licensed day care facilities for teenage mothers to prevent them from missing out on an education are provided.

Private grants help pregnant and parenting teens stay in school and study towards a diploma and obtain a marketable job skill through technical education. These grants are given to organizations to provide support services to the pregnant teen including health monitoring, tutoring, mentoring, enrollment and employment.

Grants are given by religious groups to establish crisis pregnancy centers. In these centers teenagers are counseled to give birth to the child and not to undergo an abortion. Christian organizations that provide these services are Care net and Heartbeat International. Some centers are subsidized by the government. These centers also provide support to the teenager through the pregnancy. Some churches provide shelters and short or long stay homes for pregnant teenagers who are unable to get family help.

The Government funds several support programs for pregnant teens. These programs focus on helping the teenager to stay in school till they graduate. Support services provided to the pregnant or parenting teen are healthcare, nutritional care, parenting advice and career planning. Special advice, mentoring and tutoring are provided in charter schools, technical schools and other schools to help pregnant and parenting teenagers through their education. Temporary assistance is provided for needy families. Food stamps are provided for the health of mother and child and special Medicaid benefits are provided for teenage mothers. The Women Children and Infants program provides nutritious food for teenage and parenting adolescents who are full time students in school.

The Department of Health and Human Services of many states organizes comprehensive medical and support facilities for pregnant and parenting mothers under the age of 17. Social workers, nurses and therapists work together to help these women through their pregnancy and through the early years of motherhood. Shelters and residential schools to help these young women get an education while parenting their child are available.

Pregnant teens are not condemned as they were in bygone times. Today, the government and society make every effort to look after the health and welfare of the adolescent mother and her child.

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