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Getting Pregnant With Endometriosis - Medical and Alternative Therapies That Will Help You Conceive

If endometriosis is causing infertility and trouble with becoming pregnant, there are some alternative treatments that might be able to aid you in conceiving with endometriosis.

Getting Pregnant With Endometriosis - Medical Options

Endometriosis causes fertility and conception issues because of the damage or blockage of the delicate Fallopian tubes. Laser treatment or microsurgery may help to repair a woman's fertility, although there is reported evidence in the United States, which implies that doctors are not entirely sure of the ability of laser surgery to revive fertility. If the endometriosis has caused incurable harm, IVF treatment or tubal surgery can be employed to help with fertility and conception. Further medical treatment for endometriosis can include the prescription of some birth-control pills and often a drug called Danazol. The side effects of these medications can, for a lot of women, be more affecting than the actual affects of endometriosis. It is vitally important that you get advice from your medical practitioner if you are trying to get pregnant, because the drugs that are used to treat endometriosis can interfere with conception and pregnancy.

Getting pregnant with endometriosis - Natural ways to beat endometriosis

Conventional medicine is not always the solution for restoring fertility for women trying to get pregnant with endometriosis; resultantly many sufferers want to try alternative and natural treatments for endometriosis. Most practitioners of alternative medicine use a holistic approach addressing not only the endometriosis and the pain, but also improve diet and lifestyle to help women trying to become pregnant with endometriosis.

Hot baths with rejuvinating essential oils can help to reduce the pain of endometriosis, as do herbal teas. If you do plan to use herbal medicine, ensure that you discuss your case with a medical herbalist so that you can avoid any herbs that will interfere with conception and pregnancy. Some good, safe herbal teas, which will help to sooth endometriosis pain include powdered or root ginger tea (sweeten with honey), meadowsweet tea, chamomile tea and peppermint tea. Some experts suggest that avoiding caffeine, salt, sugar, animal fats, red meats, fried food and junk food, may be helpful in managing endometriosis.

Getting pregnant with endometriosis - True Stories

For all of the women out there who are attempting to get pregnant with endometriosis, there is always hope that you can successfully and naturally get pregnant with endometriosis, as these true stories testify:

Sam* had severe endometriosis for many years, but decided against treatment. Sam spent several years 'playing the field' with men, and never conceived, she felt secure that because of her endometriosis, she would never get pregnant. After several years of her 'liberal' lifestyle, she was shocked to discover one day that she had fallen pregnant. Sometimes things happen when you least expect them. Sam's story just goes to show that you could try for several years to get pregnant while you suffer from endometriosis, and finally end up with a nice surprise!

*name changed to protect privacy

Holly was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis two years ago, and was told by her fertility specialist that she would not be able to have her own children. Holly was devastated. Out of sheer desperation, Holly spent weeks trawling the internet for alternative answers. A fellow endometriosis suffer, also struggling with getting pregnant with endometriosis, suggested some alternative therapy. Within 2 months of pursuing the alternative treatment, Holly began to notice that she did not suffer the horrible symptoms of endometriosis that the doctors could not seem to end. Holly was stunned with the results and felt angry and confused with the medical professionals who had wanted to give Holly a hysterectomy. After just 7 weeks of treatment, Holly, the woman doctors told would never be able to have children, found that she was pregnant. Holly has gone on to give birth to healthy twins, and still feels unbelievably surprised, shocked and pleased with how her whole life has completely changed thanks to trying out some alternative solutions to cure her endometriosis and help her get pregnant.

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