Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pregnancy - Insurance Options for Pregnant Women

For most women, pregnancy is a time of joy and they are excited to welcome a new life into the world. But what is supposed to be a cheerful time can quickly be dampened when the happy couple goes to double check their health insurance and find that their deductible is too high to cover the pregnancy or worse there is no maternity coverage at all. That's when joy turns into anxiety as the couple tries to figure out how they are going to afford the medical costs associated with the birth of their child. If this sounds like your situation, there are a few options available to you.

Supplemental Insurance - Many health insurance companies will sell you a supplemental maternity health policy for an additional cost. The major problem with this is these same insurance companies view pregnancy as a preexisting condition and will insist that you wait 12-18 months before they will pay any of the medical expenses related to pregnancy. If you are in the planning stages of having children and can afford to wait, then this may be a good option. However, if you are already pregnant, this could pose a problem. Not all insurance companies are the same, though, so it will probably be worth your time to check around.

Discount Health Care Programs - There are some discount health insurance programs that were developed specifically to help women pay for their pregnancies. These are not traditional insurance plans. Instead, they will help you get discounts off of doctor and hospital services which can save you a lot of money. These types of cards frequently have other benefits attached such as access to a nurse hotline and a patient advocacy team. These can be useful if you have concerns with how your pregnancy is going or you are not getting the care you need to have a healthy baby.

Government Program - Children's Health Insurance Program and Women and Infant Children Program are two government resources that can help you pay for the cost of your pregnancy. You will need to contact your local public assistance offices to get more information about what the program pays and the qualification requirements. If you are still hoping that there is an insurance company that will cover the costs of your insurance, you can use a health insurance quote website to look up the different health plans to see if one is available.

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