Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Need Help Getting Pregnant? 4 Foods You Must Take and 3 You Must Avoid!

Getting pregnant is as easy as changing your food habits! More and more researchers all over the world are finding out the value of foods in doubling your chances of conception! There are a number of foods that can help you conceive. Are they effective? YES they are! My sister tried them out and became the proud mother of baby sons a few months back!

Which foods help getting pregnant? We'll tell you:

  • Soy ahoy- use it as a thickener, a preservative or as a health food-soybean in any form is good for you. They nearly double the presence of fertility hormones in your body-so use them every day!

  • The right carbs- carbohydrates are not always bad news. In fact, slow release carbs like nuts, dried beans and whole grains are very important foods that help getting pregnant.

  • The right vitamin- you CANNOT avoid the roles of vitamins in getting pregnant. The most important vitamins to look out for are vitamin B6, zinc, folic acid and vitamin C. You know what I am talking about-load up on citrus fruits, spinach and leafy vegetables!

  • The right beverages- even beverages can be useful when you are looking for help getting pregnant. Just switch to green tea instead of loading up on coffee and soft drinks! Green tea is full of antioxidants that can increase your fertility up to 2 times! Modern research shows that women who take tea regularly have more of a chance getting pregnant than those who don't. Surely you don't want to be left behind!

The worst foods for your pregnancy

  • Trans fats- they are not good for you, period! Trans fats double the risk of infertility in normal couples, so stay away from them! All the yummy snacks and soups can well possess substance lethal enough to stop you getting pregnant. Even if you increase the consumption of Trans fats by 2%, you chalk up an additional 73% chance of not conceiving at all! These should be studiously avoided when you need help getting pregnant.

  • Red meat- did you know that even a single helping of beef per day can reduce your chances of getting pregnant? This is another simple everyday food that can stand in the way of you getting pregnant. Proteins from plant sources-for instance fruit, vegetables and beans provide protection against ovulatory infertility. Isn't the steak a small price to pay for your bundle of joy?

  • Soft drinks- these result in a sugar spike that can send your fertility haywire! So steer clear of these no good foods!

Bad diets are one of the major reasons behind unexplained fertility. I know. I made these changes to my diet a few months back and FELT the difference! Do yourself a favor and stay away from medicines, chemicals and surgical procedures. You can get pregnant in 3 months by following the diet tips above!

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