Monday, November 11, 2013

Ways To Overcome Post Natal Depression

Every mother feels the indescribable joy of holding her newborn child in her arms. But amidst all that, she may sometimes have to endure an unbearable animosity towards the child, which can even get the better of her and her relationship with the child.

This is no ordinary problem. It is an illness that not only will affect her, but also, the innocent child. In worst cases, it can lead to death.

We are referring to Post Natal Depression.

Post Natal Depression can be considered a syndrome that attacks some women out there the moment they have given birth.

Yes, life after the birth of your child is not necessarily a fairy tale like what you would see on television dramas or movies. You may not be battling with the physical pain that much, but you would definitely be battling with your emotional roller coasters the most.

Your mentality of everything that surrounds you will change for the worse, in such a way that you would have thoughts of negative happenings that apparently have not taken place at all, and would even go against others around you without any rhyme or reason. Most of all, you would develop negative perceptions and hatred for your own baby.

If you are one of those women who are going through these darkest after-birth moments, you need help!

But do not fret! It may seem like an illness that is beyond control, but it can actually be cured and overcome if you try your best to.

Ladies, let us share with you on what you can do to fight the battle. This information, too, would be useful for any of you whose friends or loved ones are facing Post Natal Depression, because in times like this, you could be the one they need the most.

1. Family support is the key factor that can keep her going despite her post-natal ordeals. Family members should never leave her unattended. You can take turns among yourselves to take care of her. Most importantly, understand that what she is going through will not last forever. Hence, you should be tolerant of her and not be too pushy for that period of time, and always remind her that the illness will gradually fade away.

2. Seek advice from doctors or professionals. They would be able to prescribe the most appropriate medications and provide further therapies that can help improve the situation.

3. Besides doctors, counselors can play a part for you too. Since Post Natal Depression highly involves conflict of emotions and downfall in terms of your self-esteem, counselors would be able to advise you on how such illness can be tackled in a more proper way. Family members can also get help from these professionals on how they can show their support towards the victims of this illness.

4. Instill some self-belief and self-confidence in you. Have faith that the illness will go away as long as you stay unwearied and strong. Yes, it is tough to pull it through, but if you can overcome that unbearable pain of bringing your child to life, why would you not be able to overcome this one?

5. Avoid consuming pills because they will exacerbate the depression in you rather than reducing it. You should especially avoid them during that point in time when you had just given birth to your child. Remember that pills are not the easy way out for you. As mentioned earlier on, seek advice from doctors with regards to the prescription of medications if you really need a form of medication for yourself.

Mothers and mothers-to-be, Post Natal Depression cannot be taken for granted, but it can be remedied. After all, it is only temporary.

To the families and friends of these victims, always shower them with your love and care, and perhaps the illness can fade away sooner than you expect.

Motherhood can be the most unforgettable if you know how to control your emotions and your mind. Think about your child who has got nothing to do with what you have to endure.

And think about those women who have been there done that. If those women could fight and surpass the illness, so could you.

Hope that all of you will be able to enjoy motherhood to the fullest!

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