Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to Help Pregnancy Constipation

So a little birdie told me you're pregnant. Congratulations! Being pregnant is one of the most exciting things a woman can go through. It is amazing feeling life bloom inside of you, however, like anything it comes with a few downsides. One downside of being pregnant is constipation. Yes, I said it, constipation! I know no one wants to talk about their bowel movements, but what can I say- I'm feeling bold today!

There are a whole slew of things that can lead to pregnancy constipation including hormones and stress. Hormones and stress pretty much sums up a pregnant woman, doesn't it? Her hormones are free flowing making even little things seem stressful. Another thing that can lead to pregnancy constipation are prenatal vitamins. Yes, those nutrient rich pills are great for providing nutrients to your future little all star (even before pregnancy), but the iron in them can damper your digestive track. While I was pregnant I came across a few tips that helped get things moving "down under".

The first thing that can help pregnancy constipation is to exercise more. Yes, moving your body gets things "moving" in your intestines too. Don't go buck wild, but pregnancy yoga, swimming, or just walking around the block a few times a week can help relieve constipation.

Drinking more fluids is another way to get things moving "down under". Not drinking enough fluids can cause anyone to have constipation let alone a pregnant woman. Aiming for more than 10 cups of water (or none diuretic fluids) a day should help loosen up that knot in your stomach.

Also, eating more fiber can help pregnancy constipation. Fruit and vegetables can be a pregnant woman's best friend. Not only do they contain water which also helps constipation, they contain fiber. Fiber helps last nights dinner smoothly flow down and out. When I was really desperate I would chew some of those cherry or orange flavored prunes (I think the natural flavor is disgusting!) real fast and then swallow them with water. They seemed to help in combination with some of these other tips. Also, there are plenty of cereals and breads that are high in fiber. They usually have a big label on them saying they have fiber in them or say whole grain or bran.

Please talk to your doctor about any discomforts you may be experiencing. Your doctor may be able to suggest some things that can help relieve your pregnancy constipation. They can also give you the correct dosage for fiber supplements or possibly lower the iron content in your prenatal vitamins. One of my favorite fiber supplements is benefiber. The orange flavored chewable tablets are decent tasting and the regular powder kind mixes tastelessly into drinks.

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