Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pregnancy Nausea Remedies - How to Get Rid of Nausea While Pregnant?

Congratulations you are going to be a mother, isn't that wonderful? There is no doubt it is! For a lot of women pregnancy it is a very happy period of life, but with all the happiness it is a very hard 9 months! All the future mothers suffer from head aches, back pains, swollen breasts and pregnancy nausea also known as morning sickness!

Morning sickness causes women the most suffer during the pregnancy, and despite it being called morning sickness it doesn't disappear on the morning but goes with you all day, making your life harder every day!

If you will ask a doctor for a cure, his answer might be "There is no cure for morning sickness". Well maybe he doesn't have a special pills or medicine but there are some very good remedies and techniques that will help you to get rid of the morning sickness!

Here some foods that may help you!

Lemon - this fruit is known by its' ability to decrease the sickness feeling in minutes! Try to eat lemon when it's cold, because it's better and you will feel immediately the relief!

Apples - the same thing, also recommended cold.

Drink only non caffeinated teas. Peppermint and ginger will be excellent for you!

Here are a couple of thing you can do to avoid nausea!

Sleep well - tiredness only increases the nausea feeling in the morning and through the day. Try to sleep at least 8 hours at night and take snaps through the day!

Try to avoid closed places because of the air! Fresh air will decrease the nausea feeling so every place you go open all the windows on turn on all the fans!

And the last tip:

Try a Chinese acupressure points technique - Chinese aucpressure technique is excellent way to get rid of morning sickness. It's based on tapping on specific points through your body called acupressure points. This method is 100% natural, very easy to apply everywhere and it will help you to get rid of pregnancy nausea overnight.

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