Sunday, November 10, 2013

Modify Your Beauty Routines for a Healthy Pregnancy

Most pregnant women, once discovering that they will give birth to a little bundle of joy after nine months, start following pregnancy advice and tips religiously. This could range from avoiding alcohol to opting for a healthy pregnancy diet, which is loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, many pregnant women are unaware of the fact that hidden factors, such as harmful chemicals present in beauty products can interfere with a healthy pregnancy. Andrew Healy, obstetrician, Baystate Medical Center opined that since any material that is touched by the skin could get absorbed into the bloodstream and cross the placenta, women should exercise caution in this regard, during pregnancy.

Can hairspray and nail polish interfere with healthy pregnancy?

While few studies indicated that phthalates (present in many cosmetic products including hairspray and nail polish) could have a drastic impact on health pregnancy, FDA stated that these studies are not enough to establish the fact that phthalates can cause health hazards in humans. Judith Hellman, Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine says that for a healthy pregnancy, you can apply a small amount of hairspray and avoid breathing in the fumes.

Are tanning products and sun blocks safe?

While some think that using sunscreen can interfere with a safe pregnancy, experts opine that it is too early to draw such a conclusion. Dayna Salasche, who is associated with Northwestern University, says that wearing sunscreen, in fact, contributes to a healthy pregnancy. Salasche comments that pregnancy makes the skin even more sensitive and using a sunscreen can protect the skin from burning. As far as tanning products are concerned, experts agree that their role in healthy pregnancy is still not clear. However, to be on the safe side, avoid using a tanner regularly, or if you must, use it only occasionally.

Usage of acne medications

Many women, after discovering the first signs of pregnancy, realize that their face has become filled up with acne. Studies suggest that development of acne worsens during this phase because of constant hormonal fluctuations. Experts opine that if you are looking forward to a healthy pregnancy; avoid using creams that contain benzoyl peroxide, retinol or salicylic acid. Jeanie Leddon, Dermatologist says that for dealing with acne problems, while being pregnant, you can opt for topical medications containing clindamycin or azelaic acid. For good pregnancy care, you can consider using glycolic peels as well.

Avoid dyeing your hair during pregnancy

Though studies are yet to prove the impact of hair dye on women who are pregnant, experts recommends avoiding dyeing the hair, for a safe pregnancy. Jeannette Graf, dermatologist says that dyes may contain various types of ingredients, which could be dangerous. Therefore, if you are looking forward to good pregnancy care, avoid including them in your beauty regimen. If you want to highlight your hair, avoid applying anything to your scalp. Leddon provides the pregnancy advice that for a safe pregnancy, avoid any type of hair treatment during the first trimester pregnancy, since chances of miscarriage are maximum during this phase.

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