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Problems Related to Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is a wonderful moment for a woman. The same can be said for men also; but for women the feelings of being pregnant and becoming a mother are inexpressible. The period of pregnancy is a very vital moment. During these nine months she has to take full care of herself and her baby. As the time passes from first month to ninth month, there are several changes that can be seen in a woman. Some changes are normal which are seen mostly in all pregnant women i.e., may be 95%. Some are serious changes. Whatever may be, but consulting good doctors and remaining under routine check up during these nine months is advisable for every pregnant women. Here are some of the fundamentals about pregnancy, which if a women knows can understand the structure of pregnancy and then consulting doctor when needed would be easier.

Some normal changes during pregnancy which can be seen especially during first two to three months in a woman can be solved in home treatment after consulting doctor. These are not very serious.

1. Morning sickness-it occurs in the morning during the first three months of pregnancy. It is a condition in which there is a vomiting tendency felt I the morning. It is not out of indigestion so food is not vomited. This vomiting is accompanied by watery fluids from the stomach. It may also result in vomiting nothing; just a tendency to vomit. It is caused by hormones released by a woman's body during pregnancy. Some special care may reduce this morning sickness.

繚 Care should be taken that small amount of food is always there in the stomach. Empty stomach enhances vomiting.

繚 Drinking plenty of fluids, preferably water because sweet drinks may generate vomiting.

繚 Increased intake of protein and reduce fat consumption.

繚 Care should be taken that there is no smell of food in the morning and the women having sound sleep and sufficient rest.

2. Heartburn-sometimes a pregnant woman may feel a sensation of burning behind the breast bone especially after eating. It is a very normal change in a pregnant woman and can be reduced by taking medicines as per doctor's instruction. Eating plenty of fluids may also reduce the heartburn.

3. Constipation-if a pregnant women does not drink sufficient fluids and fiber food then may suffer from constipation. Sometimes due to constipation medicines need to be taken to clear out the bowels. Constipation may also lead to blood discharge during bowel. It can be reduced by drinking sufficient fluids and fiber food and also by taking medicines.

4. Sleep problem-often a pregnant women may face insufficient sleep. It may be due to excitement or restlessness or hip pain. In such cases very soft care need to be taken and comfort should be provided to the women.

5. Gestational Diabetes-this type of diabetes occurs during the second half of pregnancy. Sometimes if it is very high insulin need to be taken. But nothing to be afraid of as the diabetes is temporary and can be cured by consulting doctor. Three things should be taken care of during this time.

繚 The food habit should be proper. Too much sweet consumption should be avoided.

繚 Doing exercise every day. Not very strenuous one but simple one. Can consult doctor regarding the type of exercises.

繚 Having a routine checkup of blood sugar levels.

6. Cold or flu can be very frequently seen a pregnant women. It is very normal and simple medicines may work. May consult doctor if needed as taking too much drugs during pregnancy is not good.

Apart from these very normal problems here are very serious problems also.

1) Bleeding in pregnancy-Bleeding during pregnancy mayor may not be serious. Bleeding before and after 20 weeks may have different implications.

* Bleeding may occur during the first three months due to

- Miscarriage

- Pregnancy in fallopian tube

- Gestational trophoblastic disease may be cancerous in which a grape like mass of foetal and placental tissue develops.

- Implantation of placenta in the uterus

- Infection

* Bleeding after 20 weeks

- Placenta is near or covers the cervical opening

- Placental abruption

- Some unknown causes.

2) Hemorrhoids-It is commonly also known as piles. It is a situation in which bleeding occurs every time that the woman goes to the toilet. It is also accompanied by pain. It actually happens because during pregnancy the pregnancy hormones relax resulting in a swollen type of thing at the back. Piles can be treated in the following ways:

繚 Drinking plenty of water so that the bowels become clear. Constipation may enhance the problem.

繚 Eating fiber food so that the food is collected in the stomach.

繚 Exercising

繚 Avoiding stress and especially standing for a long time.

繚 Cloth wet with water or ice bag if put on the back may give relief to the swollen part.

繚 Sleep with foot of the bed raised on bricks so that the lower part of the body is raised.

繚 Consulting doctor if they can suggest some other methods to reduce the pain and also the swollen part.

3) Anemia-sometimes a pregnant woman suffers from extreme tiredness, headache, and breathlessness. This happens normally when the women is suffering from anemia, though it is not always so. It is a condition in which the body is running short of red blood cells. As the developing baby also shares with the mother the red blood cells so there is sometimes shortness in the production. But the red blood cells increase with the increase in the month of pregnancy but what happens is that the plasma sometimes become more than the RBCs. Anemia may also happen because of the deficiency in iron. VitaminB12 or folic acids as these are very essential for the production of red blood cells. Anemia can be avoided to some extent by the following ways:

繚 Eating food rich in iron like leafy vegetables, cereals, breads, eggs etc.

繚 Eating food rich in vitamin and vitamin B12 like citrus fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, cereals.

繚 Folic acid is very important to minimize the chances of anemia. It also reduces the risk of neural tube defects. Moreover as vomiting is a natural symptom at this time, folic acid will also improve the health of the mother.

繚 All types of vitamins and minerals are advisable. Moreover drinks like tea and coffee should be avoided as they absorb iron leaving the body deficient of iron.

4) Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia-pre-eclampsia is a condition in which the pregnant woman suffers from high blood pressure, protein in the urine and swelling in hands and legs. High blood pressure may be very risky as the delivery need to happen very fast or else either the baby or the mother can survive. Proper medical treatment at this time is very important. Because if not treated properly may lead to eclampsia. If the mother suffers from eclampsia immediate oxygen and drugs need to be given. In case of pre-eclampsia no particular treatment is there and consulting doctor is the only way out.

Normal and serious problems may happen in pregnancy but it is advisable for every pregnant woman to be very cautious. Precautions are very important. If taken proper care of then these nominal and serious problems can be avoided.

1) Sex during pregnancy-sexual urge may always be felt by both men and women. In case of pregnancy the sexual urge in women tends to reduce because of the excitement of the new born baby. So it becomes very important that both husband and wife sit together and come to a mutual understanding. But above all sex if at all done should be done only by those women in whom there is no chance of miscarriage or pre-term labor. It needs doctor's consultation. During times of sex care should be taken that the husband does not blow air into the vagina as that may block the blood vessel creating danger both for the mother and the child. Also care should be taken that the opponent is safe from any sexually transmitted diseases. At this time it is better to stick to one partner.

2) Food habits-during these nine months special care should be taken towards the food habits. Only proper cooked food should be eaten as that destroys the germs and the parasites that are there in the food. Raw vegetables, meat non-pasteurized milk should be avoided. Everything i.e. utensils and vegetables should be washed properly. Toxoplasmosis is a disease that occurs from uncooked food. Not only that the disease also spreads from faeces of cats so contact with cats should be avoided.

3) Drugs-drugs taken during pregnancy should be taken only after the advice of the doctor. Too much intake of drugs during pregnancy may harm the baby and even lead to miscarriages. Drugs taken in normal times may not be suitable during pregnancy so before taking any types of drugs consult doctor.

4) Many unwanted substances are even found around the house like cleansers, paints, and printing inks. Carpet cleaners etc. these may prove hazardous for the embryo. Moreover some chemicals like lead and mercury are very dangerous for the baby as well as the mother. Water pipeline may contain small amount of lead so water should be boiled during these nine months. We are often exposed to mercury like in fish. So the raw food should wash properly and if possible wash with lukewarm water.

5) Some dangerous rays may also be hazardous though we may not be aware of it. Ray from computer screens so a pregnant women should not sit for a very long time near the computer screen or with laptop on the lap. Also some electrical appliances like micro wave emit rays. So no one and especially pregnant women should not stand in front of micro wave. The use of electric blanket should be avoided.

Last but not the least environmental impact on pregnancy can also prove dangerous. The environment always contains harmful gases like carbon mono oxide and lead particles that are hazardous for the unborn baby. Working conditions and atmosphere may not be suitable. So every bit of care should be taken that a pregnant woman gets all the amenities in her workplace: be it at home or outside. Women are the carriers of future generation so we treat then them with full respect.

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