Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Best Infertility Insurance - Essential!

Infertility is an expensive condition. Precisely because finding the right infertility treatment and infertility tests for you and your partner entail long and numerous procedures. Before infertility can be diagnosed, one will be required do undergo a fertility work up, which includes physical exams, medical history review, and laboratory examinations. These procedures are often complicated and are too specific that they would require specialized care. Understandably, the costs of these examinations and procedures will amount to a lot of money.

Most couples who have been diagnosed with infertility would choose not to pursue treatment due to the ballooning costs. A typical IVF procedure will cost about 4,000 USD, excluding IVF drug fees. As both partners will require a unique fertility assessment and fertility plan, fertility clinics would offer individualized treatments and procedures. These fertility packages are designed to address specific requests and meet specific budgets.

Speak with your fertility specialist regarding packages to help you maximize your insurance coverage. Don't hesitate to ask your employer if infertility is covered by your insurance plan.


A medical insurance on your infertility treatments will prove to be a huge help, should you decide to pursue the treatments. However, Infertility Insurance is quite limited and its availability is even dependent on the state you live in. There are some states that mandate infertility insurance coverage. Under this mandate, your state requires insurance providers to provide infertility coverage as part of their plan. Other insurance companies will provide this option at a very reasonable price.

Infertility insurance ideally covers for fertility diagnosis and treatments including IUIs, IVFs, and artificial insemination and assisted reproductive technological procedures. As insurance providers vary their coverage, some would cover for diagnosis and treatments, some for diagnosis alone and others for both but with restrictions.

In some states, like California, it is mandatory that both are covered, with the exception of IVF. In Illinois, a more comprehensive insurance coverage is available, covering your consultation trips to specialists, diagnosis tests and treatments up to four (4) IVF procedures.

Most employers include infertility in their choice for medical insurance policies and would be able to tell you the exact coverage and the limitations of your particular plan.

If you are still looking for an insurance company to cover for your medical needs, make sure that you keep the following tips in mind:

  • Read about your state's laws and requirements about infertility insurance coverage. This way, you would be armed with enough legal knowledge whether specific treatments are to be included in your policy.

  • Make sure the insurance plan you are looking into will cover consultations, diagnosis procedures and some treatments, if not most treatments.

  • The insurance premiums that you would be required to pay would not be too costly.

  • Check if the insurance will cover directly for the costs or if they have provisions for refunds.

Infertility treatment may be a long and expensive process, but if you find the right insurance coverage for you and your partner, you would certainly be better able to fight it out.

Your fertility centers will help you find the right treatment packages that will suit your needs and your budgets. Most fertility centers will provide you with free counseling and advice for these.

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