Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Secrets in Having a Healthy and Happy Baby

The bond between a mother and her baby starts at the moment of conception. This is the stage where they begin to respond to each other. What a mother feels has a direct effect on her baby. Her actions and reactions at this point can affect the development of her unborn baby. It is advised that during pregnancy, the mother must constantly feel happy and content so that the baby will feel the same way. This is where the role of a father starts. While women are responsible for the overall development of the unborn child, men must ensure the emotional stability of their partner. It is primarily their responsibility to love, to care, to secure and to understand their partner.

There are several ways to ensure your baby's good health and happiness even at the stage of pregnancy.

1. Think Happy Thoughts. Keeping a positive attitude on things while conceiving is important. A mother and her baby do share the same emotions. This is because of the hormones that are connecting the mother and her baby. The hormonal imbalances due to emotions and a mother's feelings will be shared to her baby as well.

2. Watch the tone of your voice. A baby would not be able to decipher what an action means but would depend on facial expression. In the same way, an unborn child responds to voice tone rather than speech. A baby can feel the love and care when talking in a loving tone. Studies show that instrumental and lullabies can even help relax an unborn child.

3. Take good care of yourself. The health and development of the baby is dependent on the mother. By taking good care of yourself, you are also taking care of your little one.

The big question that goes out to all the couples would be, "Are you ready to take care of your delicate little baby?" Having all the help you can get is important at this stage. There are pregnancy books that will share tips and techniques in caring for yourself and your baby - Not only while conceiving but also after you give birth. A highly recommended sample of a book under this category would be "Pregnancy Miracle". It provides a step by step procedure of everything you need to know from ways to conceive naturally to having a healthy and happy baby.

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