Monday, January 27, 2014

How to Sharpen Your Memory in Terms of Studying

Today, studying is not just about reading through books and scanning your notes for possible answers to possible questions. Although each students have their own techniques on how to study, they usually end up on the wrong end of the stick and would rather study at the last hour before the exam. To correct such routine, these tips will help you study better.

Always study when you are at your sharpest time of the day. If you are a morning person then study in the morning when you wake up or at least have had your breakfast. If you are able to concentrate more during mid-day then do study during the mid-day.

In studying, there are certain aspects that need for you to get by. One such is comfort. Always choose the right chair and the right table. An uncomfortable chair will distract you from your learning process.

While you are busy jotting down notes for you to study, keep everything that is not connected to your studies away from the table. They will only distract you from studying and would most likely cause you to skip studying and straight to leisure.

The mind can only take so much information in a single hour so at the very least try to take some break every hour or two while studying. It will help get off some steam inside your skull making room for more information to store.

Always study at the same time and at the same place. Our body is used to having routines that once it is out of its elements, it will have to adjust again to accommodate the comfort levels of our body. If you keep on switching places to study, the body will have difficulty coping up with different environments taking your focus off from studying.

Recite items as you study to give you a better idea of what you are talking and studying about. Reciting what you have just learned makes the brain more familiar with the concept and more likely to permanently remember it. Sure you can jot down notes to help you remember but the best way for your brain to store information is when you verbalize it.

Always get enough sleep when you are at your studying period. The more you let your mind and body rest the more you will be able to accommodate more information and the sharper your mind will get if it gets enough rest.

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