Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Postpartum Depression Signs, Who is at Risk?

Knowing what the Postpartum Depression signs are can help women, doctors, and even husbands quickly identify and treat this problem. Left too long, this illness can cause a number of problems, including a lack of bond between mother and child, and possibly even the loss of the mom/dad relationship that is vitally important to the well being of children throughout their lives. Women at risk for postnatal depression can be identified early (even during pregnancy) by determining whether the woman has a history of depression. Some of those at risk are:

· Fatigue & Postnatal Depression - Fatigue could be a red flag for women at risk for postpartum depression. After delivery, getting enough rest continues to be very important, as severely disturbed sleep might place women at risk for postpartum depression and child abuse.

· Patients with diabetes

· Women who have had major depression in the past

· Women with a pattern of seasonal depression

· Women with difficult pregnancies

· Women who are having financial problems

· Women whose pregnancies were unplanned

· Women who went through a divorce, separation or loss before or during pregnancy

· Women who had complications during delivery

Many of the symptoms of the illness are so similar to the symptoms of sleep deprivation that most moms, and even doctors, can mistake the diagnoses. Left untreated, the symptoms can worsen into clinical depression and even postpartum psychosis. Postpartum depression signs begin with the pregnancy and knowing these signs can help determine whether the symptoms are just a result of sleep deprivation, or if they are more serious.

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