Saturday, February 1, 2014

Features of an International Student Health Insurance Plan

It is almost foolish to go abroad and not have a visitors' medical insurance. The reason is simple. The costs of the country you are visiting might be relatively higher than your home country. Your medical coverage doesn't extend to foreign countries which means you are practically without a medical insurance when you are abroad.

With higher chances of falling sick in a new country, one is adding lot of unpredictability to their budget by not taking up a visitors medical insurance which is available from a small time period of about 5 days to a long duration of up to 1 year.

If you are a student studying abroad, especially in a more expensive country, you might find it hard to get financial air and private loans for your studies itself. Adding your medical costs will be a huge burden.

An international student health insurance plan has many benefits at very low premium. Different types of students like research scholars, exchange program members and full time and part time students have different discounts.

An international student health insurance plan offers coverage with monthly payments and more than suffices for all the requirements of school and government.

The student plan enables coverage as huge as $300000. Besides this, students also get coverage for prescription medication which means they do not have to worry about going to doctors for preventive measures and suspecting illnesses.

Coverage for Sports and Pre-existing conditions - Two major benefits

The international student health insurance is valuable because it provides coverage for pre-existing conditions as well which is usually not available for most other policies. Similarly sports benefits and accidental injuries while playing sports are also covered which is a huge plus for the students.

This plan has other benefits too. That includes the ability to renew the plan and also manage the plan online. The application process is very simple and hence the policy is available very soon. There is a waiting period of 12 months on pre existing conditions, though which might differ from the rules of the school.

Other Benefits

If you have an international student health insurance plan you need to pay a deductible of only $100 which gets halved in the health center for students. The student also gets around $350 for every injury or illness in case of hospitalization. Else the student receives a sum of $100 for injury.

Students also get 50% of actual charge for medication through prescription. The international student health insurance plan also includes maternity and newborn care if conception of the child is one a date after the coverage's effective date. This also includes costs due to pregnancy complications or miscarriage expenses.

The insurance plan is very good for students especially because it covers sports and also minor health problems involving dental issues or mental issues.

These considerations e.g. pregnancy and complications during that period make the insurance plans suitable for students and are very beneficial for a minor cost of around $30 per month which most students can afford.

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